Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

profile artist

Moniarta Ketut
Born in 1981, Wanagiri, Bali, Indonesia
1999 – 2006   Indonesian Art Institute, Denpasar, Bali

Artist statement
To this point in my work, I try to focus on the concept of transforming the painting into an object . By using elements of painting itself as cotton canvas base material , or structure spanram fabric fasteners , oil paint , image , and other media . Which later evolved explore other materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.
There are several series of works that I do to this day, the first is a painting technique using realistic picture, describing a reflection of an object on a curve of zinc . And the second is what I call a transformation of painting into an object. Where in my series this work is divided into two media, using natural materials and stainless steel painting.
Exploration with materials , cotton fabric , spanram , as the primary identity is to keep painting the existence of aura " painting " in the object that I wake up , but it will eventually be called an object because it is contrary to the agreement on the painting " to the canvas late " which generally is 2 dimensions . While the stainless steel media I try to build the illusion and utilize the effects of these materials to build objects.
I work with different materials, but a lot of the things that appealed to me for each one, and that in the end all closely related to quasi , because it all comes from the elements - elements of painting .
Particular painting realism , precisely " base photo realist painting " has given me a play - pretty much , that I consciously use to play around and make it an object , but not much left identity - painting. Besides wearing aids awareness projector also my exploration, which in these works I invite the audience to stand up at one point so found a clear image. Where previously the pictures that have been distorted by the media indentation fabric or stainless steel are random.
For me painting is not something final, he always has problems for me, because he was not finished with the technical issues and themes only. So then I tried to give another view on how to treat the painting today, which I started from the materials the painting itself . The air right out of the canvas material it can also form a three- dimensional texture , so he called objects

20 finalists sovereign art price 2011/2012
Solo Exhibitions
-Object in the Making, Element Art Space, Singapore 
-Post Branded Objects, Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia
-The Way of Seeing, Ark Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

Group Exhibitions
-Horizon of Strenght : Indonesian Contemporary Craft.
-Tease A group Exhibition by Four Indonesian Artist Taksu Gallery . W retreat n spa Hotel Bali
-The 2011 Sovereign Asia Art Prize Finalists Exhibition exchange. Squere Hong kong
-“Ekspansi” Indonesian contemporary sculpture ,galerinasional Indonesia. Jakarta.
-“Superimosed”, d,gallerie Jakarta.
-Indonesian art motoring, galerinasional Indonesia jakarta
-Artissima 17 – International Fair of Contemporary Art, Torino, Italy
-Bazaar Art Jakarta 2010, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia  
-Reality Effects, GaleriNasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia 
-PercakapanMasa (time dialogue), National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Super Imposed, D Gallerie, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Recent Art from Indonesia: Contemporary Art Turn, SBin Art Plus, Singapore
-The Birth of Colors, Syang Art Space, Magelang, Indonesia
-Pose Historia, Vannesa Art Link, Singapore
-Almost White Cube, CGartspace, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Halimun, LawangWangiArtsociates, Bandung, Indonesia

-Common Sense, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Art Singapore 2009, Singapore
-Post-Tsunami Art, Primo Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy
-Friendship Code, Syang Art Space, Magelang, Indonesia
-Hybridization, North Art Space, Jakarta

-Taxu 2008: Painting Rejuvenation, SIGIarts, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Space/Spacing, Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia
-Manifesto, PameranbesarSeniRupa Indonesia 2008, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Survey, Pameranperupamudadibawah 35 tahun, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

-Fetish, Biasa Art Space, Bali, Indonesia
-Domestic Art Objects &Stillife, Jogja Gallery, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

-Langgeng Contemporary Art Festival, Langgeng Gallery, Central Java, Indonesia
-Taxu Art Clinic 2006, CP Artspace, Jakarta, Indonesia

-Consciousness of Here and Now, Biennale Jogja VIII 2005, Yogyakarta, Indonesia   
-Trans-it, Biasa Art Space, Bali, Indonesia
-Urban Culture, CP Biennale II 2005, Museum Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Initiation, Gaya Gallery, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
-…MembacaRealisme, Nava Gallery Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

-Cooking & History, Cemeti Art House, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

-Caution! There Is A Taxu Ceremony, KlinikSeni (Art Clinic) Taxu, Bali, Indonesia
-Retrofigure, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

-Loose, TitikDua Building, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
-Sesari, Kuta News Anniversary, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

-Two Cultures: Bali-Yogya, Kuta Centre, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
-Rare 99, Bali State Museum, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
-Students Art Week, Indonesian Art College, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

-Exhibition of the students of the year 1999, Indonesian Art College, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia